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Some of the concerns many drivers have about truck driving jobs is the consistency of work and the security of the job itself. Armada Trucking takes the risk out of truck driving as a career by offering consistent and reliable work.


With two of the biggest names in shipping, we always have plenty of driving opportunities, all right in and around Riverside and Los Angeles.


Home time is important

With the relationships our subsidiaries have created with FedEx Ground and Amazon, we can ensure a steady and consistent workload on a weekly basis. The trucks are dispatched once a week from southern California and cover regional, western, local, and OTR routes. Because this is a terminal-to-terminal operation with drop-and-hook truck driving jobs, the time our drivers spend on the road is minimal, allowing you to spend 2 days at home per week.

If another one of your concerns as a driver is the time spent away from home and long hours driving across the country, then this is the perfect opportunity. Because of the multitude of shipping needs right in the area, you will never be away from home longer than 2-5 days at a time.


Driver Compensation and Benefits


Not only is time spent on the road a benefit of driving for our company, but so is the compensation. Because of the nature of our operation and the steady flow of work, Armada Trucking is thrilled to offer the best-paying truck driver jobs in Los Angeles and beyond. Our competitive pay and bonus structure is very appealing to most drivers. The benefit of being able to stay home once per week is reason enough to work with us. Layer our great pay and health benefits on top of that, and you have everything to gain. Submit your application today! We are excited to help you get started in this rewarding career.

The relationships our subsidiaries built with FedEx Ground and Amazon allow one to finally be at ease about the shifting economy and job security. Over the last years and trough the recent decline in economy, FedEx and Amazon have remained strong and have grown substantially while other carriers and competitors closed in the process. Both carriers are still in a massive expansion mode with more and more clients and customers preferring this faster and more reliable service over the competition. By joining our forces, you will enjoy the benefits we worked so hard to earn.


We offer Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance and Life Insurance to all full time employees after the initial probationary period of 90 days.


Take charge of your future. Armada Trucking Group matches up to 3% of your payroll for your retirement account.


All vehicles are equipped with Electronic Log Books, PrePass Weigh Station bypass and appropriate toll transponders.


If you don'l like waiting, you will love our Amazon lane. Everything is scheduled a week ahead and available on your phone for dispatch. Fast paced environment covering up to 7000 miles per week in a team environment. There is no time to waste, keep rolling. 


Refrigerator is only a start. Premium mattress and best safety technology available on the market. When you snooze, do it right.