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All these achievements were largely thanks to our outstanding team of drivers whose hard work and dedication allow us to grow and create an environment for all of us to enjoy. We pride ourselves in our relationship with our team of CDL truck drivers and hope that the future of our company will be even brighter than what we have faced so far.

Our Story

Started behind the weel

Armada Trucking didn’t become one of the best over-the-road trucking companies to work for overnight. It took years of persistence, effort, and hard work to get where we are today, and it all started in the driver seat. After starting as a simple truck driving opportunity back in 2003, we have since become a career and business model, offering class A jobs to drivers in the Riverside and Los Angeles area.

Achievements along the Way


As a recent acknowledgment by FedEx Ground, One of our subsidiaries, GNZ Trucking was introduced as the Entrepreneur of the Year for 2014, 2015, and again for the year 2016. This was a great milestone and a token of achievement for all the hard work that got us there.



Our most recent recognition, and one we are proud of the most was presented by the CEO of FedEx Ground Henry Maier and his executive team in late 2016. This was an eye opening experience one can only dream of. For GNZ Trucking to be considered among the top 5 businesses for FedEx Ground is an unbelievable honor.

Growing with FedEx


The first company GNZ Trucking was formed in 2008 with only one unit. After years of hard work behind the wheel, a 2nd unit was purchased which was the key for the expansion we face today. With more hard work, GNZ Trucking Inc. managed to acquire other FedEx Ground contractors and increase our business with FedEx Ground. Every opportunity was used to expand the fleet and soon GNZ Trucking Inc. became the number one service provider to FedEx Ground in Industry, CA, and the top provider of FedEx trucking careers to drivers in the Riverside area.

Adding the Amazon Family


Recently we have had more reasons to smile. We are honored and excited to have partnered with another shipping giant in their new venture. By joining forces with Amazon Transportation Services, we have opened another door and ensured our success and the success of our drivers for many years to come.

Our drivers experience increased job security, greater compensation, and more flexibility to spend time at home each week with our Amazon truck driving opportunities. 


1517 E Grand Ave
Pomona, CA 91766
Office     800-620-8592
Fax        800-930-6923

Zoran Maric, President

Boris Stricevic, Vice President

Carriers / Owners


Our carrier division was formed in 2012 and started off as a Reefer only, team operation running all 48 states. Today, Armada offers its dispatching services to a number of sub-carriers and owner operators. From Reefers, Dry Loads, Team or Solo, we got you covered.