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Audiobooks: The Alternative to Music on the Road

April 20, 2017


If trucking is life, than most people might argue so is music. Hour long YouTube playlists, and maxed out gigabytes of songs on an iPod will soon become as essential as water. If you need a break from the tunes for a little, and want to expand your trucking horizons, check out audiobooks. We'll tell you about a couple audiobook services that topped others. 


Audiobooks are a great alternative to music on the road. You can take your favorite books and listen to them while you're driving! You can take your favorite books on the road, and discover some new ones you never thought you would like! Lifehacker.com published a top 5 best audiobook services and 3 of those 5 were Audible, Overdrive, and Scribd. 


Audible seems to be among the most popular audiobook services. An amazon company, it features over 180,000 audiobooks you can buy, or rent for $15 a month and you can try it for 30 days free! 


Another popular audiobook service was Overdrive. This service is different because it actually works with libraries! Overdrive lets you borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and more and is free of charge besides needing a library card. The only downfall is that the audiobooks are limited to availability just like when someone checks out the last copy of the book you wanted. 


A third service for audiobooks was Scribd. This service is nice if you like to have your occasional hard copy book. Scribd is $9 a month which gets you 3 books and  1 audiobook a month. They do offer other free reading material su