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Coffee: How to Fulfill your Addiction on the Road

April 24, 2017

While coffee may taste like ground up dirt for some, it is salvation to others. If your job puts you on the road for most of the time (i.e. truck driving) your first bet to get your coffee fix fall along the lines of a Starbucks drive through, gas station pit stop, or mixing up that dreaded instant coffee. The reasons we cant enjoy our coffee the way we do at home is because making coffee usually requires electricity for water heaters, drop pots, etc. We'll share some ways to make fresh traditional coffee if you happen to have a little electric plate, propane stove top, wood fire etc. We also have some coffee making ideas for if you don't have access to some sort of stove top or electrical connection.


If you happen to have access to a little propane powered stove top (those are awesome to have when you don't have an electrical connection) and you're coming into a truck stop for a rest, you can make yourself an authentic Turkish coffee. All you need is an ibrik/cezve or just a very small pot, and your coffee of course. Turkish coffee is stronger than regular coffee and is drunk in small tea cups. For this reason, the coffee grounds have to be very finely milled so that they are able to settle at the bottom. You can find great beans for Turkish coffee and have them ground to the right size at your grocery store before the trip. If you want to be even more traditional, you can get your own hand crank grinder and grind your beans fresh on the spot.


If you don't have access to a stove of some sorts, but you have hot water, (from microwaving it at a gas station or something) then all you need is a French press! These devices use a medium-coarse grind of coffee and "press" it for you. No plug ins required