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How to Deal with a Partner on the Road

July 29, 2017

Driving for long periods of time can get somewhat nerve wracking after a while even for the most experienced drivers. Add in a partner who you have to deal with the whole time you're driving and that annoyance meter tends to soar, so we felt it was necessary to share some tips on how to deal with driving with someone for long periods of time. 


Make a Friend 

The best road trips are usually the ones you can share with friends, lovers, etc. People who are usually into similar things as you and people you already know you can tolerate for longer periods of time. Often times we are faced with a long road ahead of us with a stranger sitting next to us who's name you forgot how to pronounce. If you're caught in this situation the easiest thing you can do is try to make a friend! Spark up a conversation, talk about things you like to talk about and see if the person catches on and continues the conversation. You'll be talking each others ears off and you'll have completed the trip in no time. Make the first move and take it from there! 


Play Games 

If you can't spark a conversation with your driving buddy, try playing some games! Hopefully they'll be into passing the time in a fun way. You can play classic games such as 21 questions were you use 21 questions to figure out what someone is thinking about or games such as the singing game. In this game a person star