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How to Pass Your CDL Written Exam

September 3, 2018


Obtaining your CDL license, just like obtaining any license, takes some practice and some testing. The first step to getting your commercial drivers license is passing your DMV written exam. Taking a test has always been a pain staking process, but there are plenty of resources out there to help you through the process so lets talk about a few. 


Get your Commercial Driver Handbook. You can pick up a copy of the handbook at the DMV or download a copy from their website. Use this link if you need the California version of the Commercial Driver Handbook https://www.dmv.ca.gov/web/eng_pdf/comlhdbk.pdf. This long, but thorough handbook contains pretty much everything you need to know about your CDL license in general. It lists the different types of license classes and breaks down every process of obtaining your CDL. 


Study. Reading the handbook is a form of studying, but retaining all of that information from simply reading it in the handbook may not be enough to pass your written exam. Making flashcards based on the information you read in the handbook is definitely a start. Looking up practice tests online is also a great way to prepare for your written exam. There are some tests you can take for free and you can even purchase multiple tests if you want even more practice. 


Be alert and focused. Taking practice exams online is not only good for helping you remember the information, but they also mentally prepare you for the testing process. Look