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How Has the Trucking Industry Changed?

October 2, 2018


Trucking as a profession or career has definitely acquired some stereotypes over the years. These both good and bad stereotypes have shaped the industry into what it is today, but has the trucking industry changed for the better or worse over the years? Its seeming more and more that the trucking industry is making significant changes to combat some of the negativity that has built up over the years. These


changes are in hopes of bringing back the love of trucking and proving that times have changed for the better. Lets take a look at some of them:


Technological Advances 


Technology has probably played the biggest role in positively advancing the trucking industry. One huge issue the industry has faced over the years is log books falsification. This means a company forcing you to do illegal amounts of runs and times, but logging legal amounts for the paperwork. Illegal logging is not only dangerous for the company (lawsuits and all) but also unfair for the driver. This issue had caused a decline in drivers since they didn't want to get involved in the illegality of it and they also didn't to be shorted hours. The trucking industry today is making use of electronic logs which will soon be a requirement for each company. These electronic logs not only make it easier and faster for you to log your time, they also keep your logs accurate and employers wouldn't be able to falsify logs any longer. Technology has made it easier for better communication from and with drivers to get them out of emergencies such as being stranded in the snow.