Pathways to the Trucking Industry

Truck driving can be a financially rewarding career, and they can also give you a fairly flexible schedule, so there are a lot of benefits if you don’t mind the long hours at the wheel. If you think that this is a good fit for you and want to look into truck driving jobs in Los Angeles, CA, we have a quick overview of what you’ll need to do to get the job. Learning the Ropes Before you can get anything like FedEx truck driving careers in Los Angeles, CA, you’ll need to start with the basics, just like you would at any job. In this case, you will need to attend a truck driving school. Trucks aren’t just larger and more awkward than cars. They also have a different setup, and you’ll want to be

Trucking: CDL Schools vs. Company Training

There are two avenues by which truckers may complete their training. One is a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) school, and the other is training provided through the company for which one plans to work. We at Armada Trucking would like to offer some information to help compare the two avenues through which one ends up with a CDL and a great trucking job. CDL Schools Leaving Your Options Open The advantage of a CDL school is that you can get your training and then have your options open when you complete your training. Also, if at the end of your training you find that a trucking career is not for you, you will not have committed to an employer or signed a contract. On the other hand, if you

Different Types of Trucking

When most people think of trucking careers in Los Angeles, CA, trucks hauling non-perishable goods over great distance via the interstate probably comes to mind. And yes, that’s a critical part of the truck driving industry and in keeping America moving, but drivers get behind the wheel of a lot of different types of trucks. Here are some of them: Dry Van Drivers This is actually the semi-truck most people imagine when they hear the term, “truck driver.” These drivers haul non-perishable, dry goods. Many novice drivers get their start in the industry transporting non-perishable items. Flatbed Truck Drivers Moving goods on a flatbed truck typically requires more training, which typically mean

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