Should I Get a Job in Drop and Hook Trucking?

Over-the-road truckers face days away from home, long hours on the road, and cover miles a day. Life on the road can be demanding, but it can also be exciting, and drivers can collect great pay all while seeing the country. So, if you’re wondering whether now is the time to start a career in drop-and-hook truck driving, this post may clear up some common misperceptions about the career path, and answer that question with a resounding yes! Daily Duties Like any other job, there is a rhythm and a routine to the truck driving daily grind. Though you’ll be covering hundreds of miles per day, charging through different climates and weather conditions, most drivers establish a daily routine. Drive

Why a Truck Driving Job Is the Best Job

Looking for a new career? Tired of the same old boring desk job? Check out a truck driving career. There are several amazing benefits to truck driver jobs in Los Angeles! Get Paid to Travel The best truck driving jobs in Los Angeles, CA, not only pay well, but give you some specific job perks that other jobs can’t touch. For example, with a truck driving career, you will get the unprecedented benefit of traveling around the country. Not only will you get to travel to places that you’ve never been before, but you’ll get paid to do it! Get Paid to Work Out Think that driving a truck all day will make it difficult to hit the gym? Think again—you’ll get paid to work out as you load and unload yo

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