What is a CDL License?

Driving large trucks and pulling large things requires more training and qualifications than just a regular license. A CDL license will always be required when driving oversized trucks, and the size, weight, and the type of cargo you're pulling, determines which classification you would fall under. We'll try to help you understand what a CDL license is and why its required, as well as some places you can visit for testing, and training. A CDL is a commercial drivers license and is different from a regular Class C license. A quick visit to DMV.org will show you that there are 3 different classifications for the CDL license. Here at Armada Trucking Group, we require a Class A CDL license. Each

Coffee: How to Fulfill your Addiction on the Road

While coffee may taste like ground up dirt for some, it is salvation to others. If your job puts you on the road for most of the time (i.e. truck driving) your first bet to get your coffee fix fall along the lines of a Starbucks drive through, gas station pit stop, or mixing up that dreaded instant coffee. The reasons we cant enjoy our coffee the way we do at home is because making coffee usually requires electricity for water heaters, drop pots, etc. We'll share some ways to make fresh traditional coffee if you happen to have a little electric plate, propane stove top, wood fire etc. We also have some coffee making ideas for if you don't have access to some sort of stove top or electrical c

How to Stay Awake Behind the Wheel

Staying awake on the road is the most important thing to think about when driving. Driving while tired or drowsy is as dangerous as driving while drinking because your judgement is just as impaired. Loading up on coffee and energy drinks might seem like an easy way out, but they'll do you more harm than good. We've gathered some research from the sleep foundation and added our own tips and tricks for a quick guide to staying awake on those long trucking missions. According to sleepfoundation.org, the best way to stay awake while driving is to prepare as best you can ahead of time. They mention that getting 7-8 hours of sleep before you plan on embarking on your driving journey is the key to

Audiobooks: The Alternative to Music on the Road

If trucking is life, than most people might argue so is music. Hour long YouTube playlists, and maxed out gigabytes of songs on an iPod will soon become as essential as water. If you need a break from the tunes for a little, and want to expand your trucking horizons, check out audiobooks. We'll tell you about a couple audiobook services that topped others. Audiobooks are a great alternative to music on the road. You can take your favorite books and listen to them while you're driving! You can take your favorite books on the road, and discover some new ones you never thought you would like! Lifehacker.com published a top 5 best audiobook services and 3 of those 5 were Audible, Overdrive, and

Top Truck Stops in America

Driving across the country in a truck means coming across many truck stops along the way. You an simply find endless lists of the best truck stops in America just by googling it. Of the many truck stops around, there are 3 that seemed to stand out among the rest. Probably the most mentioned truck stop would definitely have to be the Iowa 8 truck stop located in Walcott, Iowa. Self proclaimed world's largest truck stop, Iowa 80 truck stop has amenities such as a barber shop, chiropractor, movie theater and even a trucking museum featuring some must see classics. https://iowa80truckstop.com Another truck stop that stood out would definitely be South of the Border in Hamer, SC. These days you'l

Trucking: An Overlooked Profession

Trucking jobs are often times looked down upon, criticized, or simply pushed under a rug. But why is there negativity attached to the profession? Often times respectful jobs or careers are categorized based on how much training or schooling you need in order to be in that profession. It's true that driving a truck doesn't really require a 4 year college degree, but that doesn't mean the profession doesn't deserve as much respect as a doctor or lawyer. Many of the difficulties truckers face aren't something they can necessarily be trained for. Often times trucking is seen as a boring job that anyone could do. Some only see trucking for what they see on the freeway, a bunch of trucks clogging

Does Music Influence Your Driving?

Just by googling does music influence your driving you're greeted with multiple articles and research studies that point to multiple different directions. Lets face it, music is essential for many people especially those driving for long times and long distances i.e. truck drivers. But does music help us or hurt us on the road? The arguments were pretty inconclusive but it seems like the basis of most of the studies was that they found certain genres and certain songs promote faster and more dangerous driving while others promote a more relaxed setting. There might be some sense to that because naturally our bodies, our heart rate, etc. respond to the speed of the music. At the same time pla

Common Misconceptions About Trucking Companies

There seems to be some negative stigma surrounding trucking companies and what they actually want from you. Were going to try and debunk some of these stigmas and figure out where they come from and how we are trying to change them. Companies are always hiring that means there is no job security. When researching trucking companies, visiting their websites, following their social media, it seems like most of these trucking companies are always hiring. So if they offer so much job security and all that other mumbo jumbo, why does it seem like they can't keep their seats filled? The truth is who knows why? Each company functions different and while many companies rotate drivers often, others a

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