Mastering Night Driving

The sun is setting. You check the distance to your destination; another 4 hours away. You know you'll be driving in the dark, but you have to make it there before morning so you decide to go for it and conquer the art of night driving. Although referring to it as an art is somewhat extra, driving at night can be more difficult and more dangerous than driving in the day time. Here are some tips and tricks for a more smoother trip in the dark. DON'T DRIVE WHILE SLEEPY Tired driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving so if you're feeling your eyes closing and you feel yourself drifting to sleep while on the road, make sure to pull over if even for a short nap. A quick 20 nap can get your

How to Combat Road Rage

We've all experienced road rage at one point or another. Whether you're yelling at the person in front of you going 20mph in a 35 mph zone, or whether you're honking at the car in front of who's taking too long to make that left turn. Road rage affects us all, but definitely not in a positive way. This is why it's important to understand what causes road rage and how we're able to avoid it. Road rage can be influenced by aspects other than bad drivers on the road. Hunger, fatigue, stress, these are all factors that can affect our attitude on the road that we wouldn't even think of. Another road rage influencer is also time and running late to something will definitely increase your risk of b

Things to See While Driving: Pacific Coast Highway

Having to drive across the US or for long periods of time in general sounds like a big bore, but you would be surprised to see how much entertainment awaits you on the road. There are many famous landmarks, sights, and just generally interesting things to see while driving along long highways and roads so we decided to research som e of them and share our findings! Maybe this will turn into a series of: "Interesting things to see while driving". The title is still being perfected. US Highway 1 One of the most scenic roads in the U.S. has to be the Pacific Coast Highway after San Luis Obispo to Monterey. This stretch of Highway 1 hugs mountain sides on one side and offers views of crystal cle

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