Working the Weather: Rain

Working through weather conditions is an on-going process for truck drivers, and anyone who finds themselves on the road more often than others. With seasons changing comes weather changing and finding ways to ensure your safety during not so great conditions is very important. Rain is one of the main culprits of harsh conditions and we can get it almost year-round. Its important to understand the dangers rain can pose, and how to prepare for it. With winter winding down, the dangers of icy snow-covered roads are becoming a thing of the past. Although spring is here, it is also going to bring rain with it. Even in no frost areas, rain can still have a tremendous affect on driving ability and

Apps to Help Pass the Time

We all feel it and we all run from it, attempting to bury it in a screen or even nap it away, but in the end succumbing to its power. Its boredom. Being a truck driver, you’ll face spouts of boredom from time to time and all though solving boredom issues while driving on the road is a little harder, there are ways to stay entertained at least while not in motion. The first place we turn to when we get bored is our phone. Whether you’re pulled over for a rest at a truck stop or waiting for your next load to be hooked up, standing around and doing nothing while you wait doesn’t come so easy to all of us. Luckily there are plenty of apps on our beloved smart phones to keep us entertained. Aside

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