The Future of Trucking

Choosing a career path these days has proven harder than ever before. With improvements in technology, energy uses, etc. its becoming harder and harder to predict the future of a career path you choose. The trucking industry is no stranger to changes and talk of the future is causing the industry to look ahead in an attempt to create a positive and bright path for anyone seeking this thrilling career. Technological advances have been a popular subject and a possible concern for those in the trucking industry. Self-driving electric trucks have been the talk of the town and many are concerned about the effect this will pose on driver jobs. The idea of electric trucks may be a good one, good fo

The Importance of Travel

When thinking of truck driving for a living, we often think about the places we will get to visit during our journey. Some may ask what the big deal is traveling around spending time away from home to drive a truck, but aside from the financial and professional gain earned from such a career there is also plenty of personal gain to be earned. Home is where the heart is and returning home after long trips is certainly a satisfying feeling. To have that feeling though, we must spend some time away from home. Kind of like when you don’t see a loved one for a while you start to miss them. Its hard to miss something you see or experience every single day. It can definitely make you value your hom

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