Halloween Road Safety

Halloween time. A joyous mix of pumpkins, costumes, and candy for some. A driving nightmare for others. Halloween brings probably the biggest accident risks of the year so its important to note some safety tips going into this years Halloween season. These tips are not only to keep yourself safe, but also to keep others around you safe as well. Be Alert On the day of Halloween and even a couple days leading up to it, the streets are going to be filled with little ghouls and goblins going to their kindergarten Halloween carnival or walking door to door repeating "trick or treat" until their plastic pumpkins are overflowing with candy. Drive slow and try not to pass stopped cars that might be

Truck Stops with the Best Food

We’ve talked about some general top of the line truck stops in the past, but we haven’t talked about the ones with the best food specifically. Truck stops aren’t usually known to have good food; most of them take pride in their 2 for $3 hot dogs. Old hot dogs and stale nachos are not a meal fit for a truck driver who’s been on the road for hours or days and is looking for a good meal to make up for the mileage. Not all truck stops are created equal however, and we have found 3 that seem to make up for the others in terms of good food. Johnson’s Corner-Johnstown Colorado Johnson’s Corner in Colorado is a full-service truck stop open 24 hours a day since 1952. They offer trucking amenities suc

How Has the Trucking Industry Changed?

Trucking as a profession or career has definitely acquired some stereotypes over the years. These both good and bad stereotypes have shaped the industry into what it is today, but has the trucking industry changed for the better or worse over the years? Its seeming more and more that the trucking industry is making significant changes to combat some of the negativity that has built up over the years. These changes are in hopes of bringing back the love of trucking and proving that times have changed for the better. Lets take a look at some of them: Technological Advances Technology has probably played the biggest role in positively advancing the trucking industry. One huge issue the industry

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