Best Truck Stops: Alabama

We’re looking at truck stops all over the U.S and bringing you the best ones based on state. First up on the list: Alabama. Knowing where good quality truck stops are located, and which amenities they offer is always helpful whether you’re on the road already or planning a trip for work or pleasure. We found some popular stops in Alabama that are worth mentioning so listen up because you never know when you’ll find yourself driving down I-65 looking for a place to stop and rest. Creek Travel Plaza This truck stop found off I-65 is one of the most popular independent truck stops not only in Alabama, but in the whole country. You can stop by for a quick rest in the driver’s lounge with comfort

Why is Trucking Important?

We see them all the time; on the streets on the freeway, freight trucks are everywhere. But we find ourselves wondering sometimes exactly why there are so many trucks on the roads? What are they carrying? Why is finding quality drivers so important? Well we’re here to try to help answer some of those questions and help explain just how important the trucking industry really is. The Economy Freight trucks move so much product that they are a key aspect of our economy. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, freight moved by trucks totaled over $700 billion in 2017 alone. A number that has been and is still growing every year. The recession took its toll on the country and the tr

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