Top Truck Stops in America

Driving across the country in a truck means coming across many truck stops along the way. You an simply find endless lists of the best truck stops in America just by googling it. Of the many truck stops around, there are 3 that seemed to stand out among the rest.

Probably the most mentioned truck stop would definitely have to be the Iowa 8 truck stop located in Walcott, Iowa. Self proclaimed world's largest truck stop, Iowa 80 truck stop has amenities such as a barber shop, chiropractor, movie theater and even a trucking museum featuring some must see classics.

Another truck stop that stood out would definitely be South of the Border in Hamer, SC. These days you'll see Pedro welcoming you with his giant sombrero, but this truck stop found it's beginnings as a beer stand in 1949 by a Mr. Alan Schafer. South of the Borders offers logging, food, and even a reptile lagoon for your entertainment purposes.

A third truck stop that seemed to float around numerous sites was the The Little America Travel Center in Little America, Wyoming. This truck stop is nestled in the middle of Little America and offers a repair shop, fuel center, grill, & deli. It's not the truck stop in particular that draws people here, but the old world charm and breath taking scenery definitely does.

Some truck stops try a little harder to draw attention and keep weary truckers and travelers entertained so check out these little road side wonders next time you're on the road. Check out the website links above to learn more about these truck stops.

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