World's Most Dangerous Roads

The tally is in! We've looked through numerous lists and found the (alleged) 3 most dangerous roads in the world! If you thought never ending freeways were bad, you haven't seen anything yet. Of the many dangerous roads in the world, the three most mentioned are located in Bolivia, Alaska, and China.

Hands down the craziest road that seemed to top most charts was the North Yungas Rod in Bolivia. Also known as the "Road of Death", this narrow 40 mile long road lies between La Paz and Coroico, in the Yungas region of Bolivia that stretches high up into the rainforest with vertical drops only inches away. This road is rumored to take 200-300 lives each year so check out some pictures of the road and you'll see why!

Another road that topped the most dangerous charts was the James Dalton Highway in Alaska. Just thinking of a road in Alaska brings thoughts of icy mountain sides and scary situations. Alaska has many dangerous roads along the side of frozen mountains, through blinding blizzards, etc. The Dalton Highway however, is a different type of scary because it's a stretch of 400 miles, much of which is through the middle of nowhere. This is considered to be one of the most isolated roads and not being prepared before embarking on this journey will leave you stranded in -80 degree weather with no civilization in sight. With only 3 small towns on the way, planning accordingly is key if you're one of the 200+ trucks that navigate it each year.

Our third most dangerous road come to us from China. There are several tunnels roads carved in the mountains in China, connecting villages that were close to impossible to access. The Guoliang Tunnel in China is not only one of the most dangerous roads in the world but also one of the most famous. This may be because it is carved into the mountains of Taihang of the Henan Province. It attracts many tourists who dare venture through it.

All of these roads are extremely dangerous and we should be glad we're not one of the truckers having to navigate these treacherous roads. There are many pictures and information about why these roads were built on Which one do you think is the most dangerous?

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