On The Road Snacking

Driving such long periods of time tends to spark quite an appetite for drivers, not to mention if boredom sets in. Although the easiest thing to do when you feel hungry is to pull over to a gas station and load up on chips and powdered donuts, its not always the healthiest and can often leave you feeling sluggish and more tired. Its not easy finding healthy snack options on the road, but if you plan and package your own snacks ahead of time, you're putting yourself on a road to success.

There are some unspoken rules to packing snacks on the road the bulk of which is to stay as clean as possible especially when packing fruits. If fruits are your thing, try not to pack fruits that are too juicy and filled with too much liquid. Although crunching down on a fresh nectarine straight from the mini fridge sounds as good as finding an oasis in the desert, you'll soon be regretting it when you feel that cool nectarine juice running down your arm, out the sides of your mouth, and what seems like every other crevice you have. Also avoid fruits that wilt easily if you don't have space in the mini fridge for them. Opt for refreshing light colored fruits that wont leave you so messy such as grapes, or apple slices with the skin on. Dried fruits are also a great alternative if you need a fruit fix.

Vegetables are also a great snack to pack if you're planning to be on the road for long periods of time. Veggies aren't as messy as fruits aside from tomatoes, avocados, etc. Some great veggie options for on the road include the infamous baby carrot, celery, cut bell peppers, etc. You can pack small cups of ranch sauce or peanut butter if making a mess is not an issue.

The most popular

snack for on the road drivers seems to be chips. You can find them in just about every flavor these days so no wonder everyone is obsessing over these crispy fried delights. Although quite delicious, chips aren't the most healthiest of snacks. If you need a crunch factor in your life, homemade popcorn may be a great alternative to chips. Air popped corn is the best if you can get your hands on it, but if you're making it yourself in a pan, you have control over how much, and which type of oil you use. Package them in separate zip lock bags and season with a hint of salt. Since you're making the popcorn yourself, you can also add different spices to each bag to spice things up. If you've got the crunch down, but need more saltiness, assorted nut packs and beef jerky packs will help elevate your salt levels as well as your protein levels at the same time.

Here at Armada Trucking, we want to encourage our employees to be as healthy and happy as possible. Hopefully these snack ideas can help when preparing for the road, and make it at least slightly healthier and more fun.





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