Things to See While Driving: Pacific Coast Highway

Having to drive across the US or for long periods of time in general sounds like a big bore, but you would be surprised to see how much entertainment awaits you on the road. There are many famous landmarks, sights, and just generally interesting things to see while driving along long highways and roads so we decided to research som

e of them and share our findings! Maybe this will turn into a series of: "Interesting things to see while driving". The title is still being perfected.

US Highway 1

One of the most scenic roads in the U.S. has to be the Pacific Coast Highway after San Luis Obispo to Monterey. This stretch of Highway 1 hugs mountain sides on one side and offers views of crystal clear beaches on the other. Make sure to stop at a beach in Big Sur before continuing on the winding road. You will pass trucks here from time to time so we can only imagine the line of site the truck drivers get from up in the drivers seat. Careful on this road and make sure to check for road closure since heavy rains can cause obscured vision or even mud slides.

Trees of Mystery US-101

We might as well keep this edition of sights to see on the west coast. Heading north through California towards the Oregon border on the US 101 takes you through some of California's redwood forests; something truly worth seeing. You'll see redwood trees shooting up into the sky, and forests covered in ferns straight out of Jurassic Park. Nearing Oregon, you'll come across an interesting tourist attraction called Trees of Mystery. Paul Bunyan and his ox welcome you as you arrive and after an entrance fee, you're on your way to seeing some interesting tree formations. The sky trail will take you up into the trees in an enclosed gondola where you'll be able to walk around and see the sites, then ride the skytrail back, or hike down the steep wilderness trail. Make sure to watch out for bigfoot!

Stay tuned for more attractions and sites to see while driving! Let us know if you want to share any landmarks you've been to with us!

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