Staying Safe While on the Road

On the road driving, whether truck driving is your job or whether you're just taking a cross country road trip, can set you up for plenty of dangerous moments. Pulling over in the middle of nowhere at 1 am puts you in the target of possible thieves, rapists, and plenty of other dangers. Being prepared for these situations can not only potentially save your life, but can also calm anxiety when facing suspicious encounters. At Armada Trucking, we want you to feel as safe as possible while driving for us, so we pride ourselves in providing any possible advice and feedback especially when it comes to staying safe on the road. We've gathered a couple tips to help you prepare for your next on the road trip.

1. Be alert

Probably the most important tip of all is to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Always pay attention to people around you especially when pumping gas at night. Make sure to constantly check around you and never leave your car/truck unattended while unlocked. Reports of people climbing into cars and trucks while the owner is pumping gas can be seen all over the news so make sure no one is targeting you! Checking your car, trailer, and everything else before taking off isn't a bad idea either to make sure no one is sneaking into the back. Be smart about who you talk to and just question situations that seem suspicious.

2. Carry protection.

Its always a good idea to carry some sort of protection whenever you have to leave your car or truck. Even if you're just leaving to use the bathroom, you never know if someone is watching you so always be prepared. The most basic piece of protection you can carry is a whistle. This allows you to make loud noise if you feel threatened by anyone which can either alert other people around you, or scare away the perpetrator. Another form of non-lethal protection you can carry is pepper spray. They even have mini versions you can put right on your keys. Pepper spray can stun your attacker for some time giving you the chance to run away, call for help, call 911, and more. If you want something more lethal than pepper spray you can get yourself a knife or even a gun in some states. These weapons are lethal so think twice before reaching for one of those and make sure to check your states weapon carrying laws before opting for one of those.

3. Learn self defense.

If weapons aren't your thing than you can learn how to kick butt with your own two hands. Self defense classes can be found at many places and sometimes even at your local gym! They can teach you a couple simple fool proof moves that anyone can execute! Try googling some or even check out some online videos if classes aren't your thing. Some gyms also offer kick boxing, tae kwon do, karate, etc. They're not exactly "self defense" classes, but not many people will stand up to a karate kick to the face, chest, or the default for men; the groin.

Finding ways to stay safe on the road is very important so be aware of your surroundings, carry protection, and learn some self defense moves if you're planning a long road trip, or if you're an on the road trucker.

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