Quick Vacations: Big Bear

Having a full time job can take a huge toll on family time especially when vacations are in question. Whether you're a truck driver who spends most of his time on the road, or anyone else who works at least 5 days a week doing a basic 9-5, spare time is something hard to come by. With so much time spent at work and so little free time available, we start to plan vacations throughout the year to make up for that lost time. This can prove difficult at times since planning a vacation usually means taking time off of work, taking time off of school and more that cant just happen at the drop of a hat. You can however, plan out smaller shorter vacations to closer places. If you live in the Los Angeles area, one of these quick vacations is available to you at Big Bear Mountain.

Whether you're braving the slopes in winter, or speeding across the lake with a jet ski in the summer, Big Bear has plenty to offer and being only a 2 1/2 hour drive from Los Angeles its a great destination for a quick getaway. Big Bear Lake is a great place to rent a boat and go fishing, brave the waters on a jet ski and plenty more to keep you cool during the summer months. There are various campsites available to rent if you want to brave the outdoors, or you can also rent a lakefront cabin from various rental properties if glamping is more your thing. Big Bear Village offers restaurants, bars, and plenty of shops if you want to get away from nature for a bit.

Once winter rolls around and Big Bear mountain is blanketed in fresh white snow, its time to hit the slopes. You can brave the slopes on skis or snowboards at snow summit, or sled with the kids down gentler slopes at snow valley.

All in all the best thing about Big Bear is that its a home away from home without actually having to be too far from home. The biggest thing we look for when going on vacation is a change from our everyday lives. Going from city life to living in nature for a couple of days will give you the change you need to spend quality time with family without having to take weeks off from work or worrying about flying to a far away destination. Going on vacation doesn't have to mean going far away.

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