Trucker New Year's Resolutions

Bringing in the new year with the promise that you’ll do something new this year to improve your life has been around since ancient times. Resolutions are getting more and more in depth and people are really trying to stick to their promises of improving their lives. As a truck driver its not as easy to set resolutions for the new year since you’re on the road so much, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a promise to make to yourself that will in turn improve your year. We’ve found some new year’s resolutions that can be set and kept even by truck drivers.

The Usual-Getting Healthier

The number one New Year’s resolution since probably the beginning of time is losing weight, or just introducing healthier food and exercise into your daily routine. As a truck driver its not always easy to stick to a diet or an exercise plan when a good chunk of your time is spent behind the wheel. That doesn’t mean that its impossible for truck drivers to stay healthy. Snacking may be the biggest problem for truckers because we naturally are drawn to snacking when we’re bored, anxious, etc. Not to say that snacking itself is an issue but its what we’re snacking on. Ditch the chips and cookies and find healthier snacks that are appealing to you. If you have a mini fridge or cooler, invest in some Tupperware containers. Then make a trip to a grocery store and load up on snack veggies, fruits, nuts, etc. Having the Tupperware containers will allow you to store snacks for later or save extras if you find a pack of something that isn’t resealable. Exercise is a little more difficult to get while on the road but if you can’t find a gym or some exercise equipment during one of your stops, check out some stretches or yoga moves to do while sitting or when space is limited. Your bones and muscles will thank you later and it will relieve stress on your body caused by excessive sitting.

Keep Clean

On the road, your truck is your office and keeping your office clean is not only good for business, but for your own sanity as well. Don’t let trash accumulate in your cabin. If you don’t have regular access to trash bins, try to keep your trash in one bag or invest in a small trash can to keep inside. Even though it might not be apparent, having left over food, wrappers, bottles, etc. can bring stress to your environment. Eliminate stress by eliminating trash and clutter. Create a system that will work for you and help you keep your truck in check.

Get more and Better Sleep

This may prove to be the hardest for everyone, especially truck drivers. If you’re having trouble getting sleep on the road, work out a schedule for yourself that will help you make more time to catch some z’s. Make your sleeping area as comfortable as possible so when you’re able to find some time for sleep its well spent. Work with your dispatchers to help make a sleep schedule that works for you and can help you stay as rested as possible during your route.

New Year’s resolutions are difficult to even set let alone keep for the entire year, especially for truck drivers. Its not impossible though and there are definitely plenty of resolutions you can set and follow through with even as a truck driver.

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