How to Handle Spring Changes

Its time to start packing away those parkas and winter coats and start pulling out the short sleeves because Spring is here. Although it’s not quite warm enough for shorts and tank tops, the recent rising temperatures are definitely a mood booster and a taste of what’s in store for the coming months. The first couple of days of Spring didn’t seem much different from Winter, but now is the time when we start to feel the real effects of Spring. You’ve mastered navigating and living in the snow and cold, but what changes does Spring bring that you’ll need to be prepared for?

Changing Temperatures

Its pretty obvious that the weather is changing now that spring has rolled around. Snow is melting, birds are singing, flowers are blooming. Don’t let all these wonders of spring throw you off guard however, because the weather can be deceiving. Waking up and seeing the sun shining bright through your windows might encourage you to put on that short summer dress and sandals you’ve been saving since last years end of summer sale, but don’t forget that spring is not summer. Cool temperatures are still the norm across the country and rains are not far from the forecast. Keep a couple light jackets and sweaters around for those spring rains and cold nights so you don’t end up spending the season sick in bed.


One of the greatest joys for some and the greatest pain for others during spring is the blooming of flowers. Rainbows of color carpet most of the world during this time, awakening everything green that has been asleep over winter and flowering anything new that has been planted. As beautiful as it is to see these blooms you might find yourself with itchy eyes and a runny nose if you’re outside during this time. The wind carries pollen from the flowers and blows it right up into your nostrils causing discomfort in many ways. There is plenty of medication to help fight allergies during springtime, but there are some other ways you can help alleviate your allergy symptoms besides medication. Invest in an air purifier to help clean the air in your home from any allergy aggravating culprits. Many of them even remove things such as mold which is also something to be aware of during springtime. Also check out a dehumidifier if you feel there is too much moisture in the air, something common for this time of the year, which can cause mold build up. Do some spring cleaning of the areas you’ll be spending much of your time in this spring to get rid of any dust and build up that might have accumulated over the winter.


The changing seasons bring with them many different animals, but springtime is definitely party time for pretty much any and all insects. Even though there isn’t much you can do to prevent bugs from coming around, somethings like mosquito nets, magnetic mesh curtains for your open doors, etc. can help at least keep too many from making themselves at home. Scents such as citronella and lavender tend to keep things such as mosquitoes and flies away so having a citronella candle handy this time of year won’t hurt.

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