Why is Trucking Important?

We see them all the time; on the streets on the freeway, freight trucks are everywhere. But we find ourselves wondering sometimes exactly why there are so many trucks on the roads? What are they carrying? Why is finding quality drivers so important? Well we’re here to try to help answer some of those questions and help explain just how important the trucking industry really is.

The Economy

Freight trucks move so much product that they are a key aspect of our economy. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, freight moved by trucks totaled over $700 billion in 2017 alone. A number that has been and is still growing every year. The recession took its toll on the country and the trucking industry suffered greatly. Now that the recession is over, demand for product and deliveries is increasing especially with the increase in online shopping, and the reputation of the trucking industry can’t be redeemed fast enough to keep up. Its safe to say that the economy would greatly suffer without our trucks and our drivers.

The Goods

About 70% of all freight moved is done by truck. That means the food that we buy from the grocery store was brought by truck, the food that we eat in restaurants is brought by trucks (the ingredients at least). Almost everything we own in our possession was brought to us by trucks and the people driving them. This is why it’s important to realize just how important the trucking industry is. More trucks and more drivers means more products delivered which means fuller shelves in stores and faster service for the consumer. Imagine walking into a grocery store or an electronics store with the shelves empty and just about everything out of stock because they haven’t received their freight shipments yet. It would seem like something out of a zombie movie. At the end of the day, if you need your stuff, we need the trucking industry. Its important to remember too that trucks don't only move consumer goods. They also move equipment, medical supplies, and so much more.

The Jobs

Qualified drivers are more in demand now than ever before and the need is only growing as the years pass. The recession resulted in a gap of qualified drivers with more and more drivers retiring every day. A truck drivers job is probably one of the most under valued and unappreciated jobs around due to its history of low pay, mistreated drivers, and unclear communication. Here at Armada Trucking Group we are battling old trucking practices and stereotypes by attempting to prove just how important our drivers and the trucking industry is as a whole. There has been talk of automated trucks taking over the trucking industry and eliminating driver jobs, but this doesn’t seem like something that will happen in the near future if ever at all. It takes a human to navigate through traffic and maintain safe driving conditions so driving robots are too much of a liability.


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