Truck Driver Coronavirus Concerns: What Can You Do?

The Coronavirus pandemic has swept the world. All attention is now on essential workers who are working as hard as they can to keep life moving. The importance of nurses, grocery store workers, truck drivers, etc. has been underappreciated thus far and here’s to hoping no one will forget it after everything. Truck drivers are among the most essential workers during this time as they are the ones bringing goods, medical supplies, and basically anything else that needs to be moved across the country. The government has put orders in place in hopes to combat the spread of the virus. While some orders are clearing the highways for truckers and minimizing traffic, others have affected how truckers operate on a regular basis and are affecting where they are able to park as well as where they are able to eat. Aside from parking and food, having the necessary tools for proper hygiene and sanitization is proving more difficult as well during these times and being knowledgeable about resources available as well as alternate ways to tackle a situation doesn’t hurt.


With so many closures happening around the country, one of the most important questions truckers are wanting answered is: What am I supposed to eat? Many truck stops are closing altogether or at least closing restaurants and many other amenities truckers rely on. The restaurants that are remaining open and are offering take-out, just not available for dine-in. Even though you’ll have to eat your meal in your truck, having the option to at least pick up a hot meal from a restaurant is a reassuring thought. Among the closures included are fast food dining rooms, remaining only open for drive thru or delivery. Semis don’t fit through drive thrus and its illegal to walk up to a drive thru for safety reasons. To try to help truck drivers during this time, establishments such as McDonald’s are reaching out to drivers and trying to make it easier for truck drivers to get their food. McDonald’s announced steps drivers can take to order food and pick it up at a designated area at some McDonald’s locations. If you would rather limit your exposure to other people and not have to pick up food on a daily basis, investing in a good cooler or a small fridge can help you avoid constant contact. Not having to always worry about finding something to eat at the last minute can be a stress reliever. One option is to also add a small stove to your inventory you can use inside your truck. Get ingredients at a grocery store and cook a small fresh meal right in your truck. If cooking isn’t something you’re into, you can also use a fridge or cooler to load up on take out and keep leftovers refrigerated. Have a small microwave ready to heat it up if you don’t prefer it cold and you can limit the amount of times you have to visit a restaurant.

Hygiene and Sanitization

During this pandemic, having access to proper hygiene and sanitization tools is vital. Many trucking companies are taking precautions to sanitize trucks as often as possible as well as providing drivers with necessary equipment. Being on the road, its not always easy to find a place to wash your hands and if your hand sanitizer runs out and you can find more to buy, knowing alternate ways to sanitize yourself and your area comes in handy. There are many recipes you can find online to make your own sanitizer the gist of which being mixing at least 60% alcohol with aloe. You can also use alcohol mixed with water in a spray bottle to disinfect surrounding areas and areas you have to touch. Always practice basic prevention skills like washing your hands as often as possible, maintaining a safe distance from others, and using your own pen for signatures.


An issue truckers have been facing is finding adequate parking. With many truck stops closing, finding safe and secure places to park your truck is harder than ever. Many of the truck stops that were closed are reopening to allow drivers a safe place to park. Many are also adding portable toilets with sinks so more drivers can use the restroom and wash their hands. People in communities around the country are also getting together and helping truckers in any way they can. Some communities are giving out goodie bags to truckers passing by and others are going above and beyond. Woodland High School in Washington has said it will be opening the school as a temporary 24/7 rest stop for truckers. They will be able to park safely and securely as well as access the school’s restroom and shower facilities. As always don’t forget about the Trucker Path ap where you can search for places to park near you.

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