Doubles/Triples Endorsement: A Trucker's How-to-Guide

Doubles and Triples endorsements are terms often heard in the world of trucking, but some of us still might not know what they mean, how to get them, or why they’re even important. This time, we’re guiding you through getting your doubles/triples endorsements and understanding what it means to you as a driver to have these endorsements. Getting the endorsement is in addition to obtaining your CDL Class A, if you don't already have it, which features a different set of tests. If you need information on the CDL Class A, check out this guide for passing your CDL written exam.

Step 1: Understand Doubles/Triples Endorsements and their Importance to you

According to the DMV’s Commercial Driver’s Handbook, individuals must pass a special knowledge test on the problems associated with pulling multiple trailers. The main concern is safety, and passing this test shows you are able to safely maneuver more than one trailer in various traffic conditions and driving environments. With passing the test, the DMV provides you with the appropriate abbreviation in the form of a mark on your Commercial Class A license, “D” for pulling double trailers and “T” for pulling triple trailers; this is your endorsement. Obtaining these endorsements means you are now authorized to pull larger loads in the form of 2 of 3 attached trailers. Being able to pull larger loads means more driving opportunities and more time on the road which means a bigger paycheck for you. Many trucking companies require these endorsements and not having them can limit your amount of job opportunities and payout enhancements.

Step 2: Get Training for the Endorsement Test

Armada Trucking Group offers free training for your endorsement testing. Learn more by checking out our post on Facebook or call us at 800-600-1275 to schedule your free training. Training includes learning how to maneuver double trailers and more, to prepare you to pass the 20 question DMV test needed for your double/triple endorsements. Before taking the test, search for any online practice tests that may be offered by the DMV to get you back into the groove of test taking if you’ve been out of the classroom for a while.

Step 3: Take the Test

Visit the DMV website or call 1-800-777-0133 to find out information on appointment scheduling instructions for your local DMV. The DMV usually allows walks-ins if you want to head straight there and wait in line to try to take the test, however with COVID precautions some offices have specific scheduling rules in place, so check those ahead of time to avoid any mishaps. The DMV website currently states that it costs $49 to add a doubles/triples endorsement to your Commercial Class A driver’s license, something worth noting before heading out to take the test.

After passing the 20-question test, your CDL Class A will now have a “D” and/or “T” abbreviation marked to identify your doubles/triples endorsement. You’re now ready to hit the road with larger loads and larger payouts.

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