Quick Vacations: Joshua Tree

Having a fulltime job, whether on the road or in an office, makes planning a vacation difficult. Although there is vacation time to look forward to, it usually only come once a year. There are times when we want to escape if even for just one day and waiting for that once a year vacation is not ideal. There are many places that are within an average distance from Los Angeles which you can visit for a couple of days or even just as a day trip. One destination worth checking out for a quick getaway, or a long one if you have the time, is Joshua Tree.

Joshua Tree National Park

Being only about 2 hours away from Los Angeles, Joshua Tree is a great place to visit if you need a quick getaway. When visiting Joshua Tree make sure not to miss a visit to Joshua Tree National Park. The park is currently open to visitors, but make sure to check out their website before visiting because of changes due to weather and COVID-19 restrictions. Purchase a 7 day vehicle pass so you can come and go as you please. After entering the park, the famous Joshua trees will fill the panorama along with scenery that matches a postcard. If you have a couple nights to spare, check out one of the campgrounds at the park if they are open, for some time in nature and a stunning view of the stars. Make sure to bundle up if you are going this time of year, and double check temperatures in summer because they can reach incredible highs. If there’s only time in the schedule for a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park, there is still plenty to do in one day. Some hikes worth checking out, COVID conditions providing, are the Barker Dam loop and the Hidden Valley hike. Walking through the hidden valley, you’re surrounded by rocks that look like they are from another world; a scene strait out of The Flinstones movie. If you want a shorter hike, check out the Cholla Cactus Garden, just do not touch the cacti. If there’s time for only one thing at Joshua Tree National Park it should be reserved for the Keys View. At an elevation of 5185 ft. the views are breathtaking. The best time to head up to Keys View is during sunset, but crowds tend to gather so be cautious.

Air BnB

Whether you plan on visiting the park or not, even just renting an Air BnB and relaxing in the Joshua Tree atmosphere is a vacation in itself. Find one with a pool during hot summer days and you're all set. Make sure to wake up early enough to catch the sunrise because it is unbeatable. If you're lucky, and quiet enough, you can see rabbits, quail, and even the occasional coyote walking by to say hello. At night, sit out, barbeque, or just turn off all the lights and enjoy the stars with some hot cocoa.


If you're spending the day exploring the national park or if you just need a place to grab some dinner Joshua Tree has plenty of restaurants to choose from. Check out this list of the 8 best places to eat from The Infatuation for some of the best places to fuel up on some food in Joshua Tree. For something different but no less delicious, check out Sams Indian Food and Pizza for some amazing Indian food and mouth watering pizza.

You can't go wrong when visiting Joshua Tree whether its just for the day or whether you have the time to spend a couple of nights, the beauty and peacefulness will go home with you in your memories.

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