Quick Vacations: Palm Springs

How to Relax for 3 Days in Palm Springs

With today’s long work days, pandemic worries, and less time for ourselves than usual, looking for a vacation and attempting to plan something for a short period of time can become a job in itself. For truck drivers, a vacation can sometimes be 2 or 3 days long, so finding something to do to feel like you’re on vacation and make the best of those 3 days should be as easy as reading a blog entry. We have come up with an itinerary you can use the next time you only have 3 days to spare and are looking for a quick vacation close to Los Angeles. This time, we are taking a trip to Palm Springs and our goal is ultimate relaxation.

Day 1


This guide is focused on relaxation, we will be favoring take-out and food delivery-based restaurants, but if you prefer to dine at the restaurant, the morning of day one is the best time to make any reservations that may be needed. Getting all the technicalities out of the way before you take off beats having to do it once your vacation actually starts. Food is not going to be an issue during this trip, but you will want to stop somewhere before you head out to pick up drinks for these next few days. This will save you the trouble of having to leave the comfort of your relaxation bubble to find something to drink or worrying about being thirsty in the middle of the night.

Palm Springs is about a 2-hour drive from the Los Angeles area and check-in times for hotels are usually around 3-4 pm, so plan to leave accordingly to arrive around that time.

Accommodations: Talavera Palm Springs

This small boutique hotel has 11 rooms and caters more to couples or small groups. They don’t allow anyone under the age of 16, but they do allow pets for a small fee. Each room has a patio and hot tub for the ultimate relaxation destination. There are 2 pools between the 11 rooms, meaning social distancing is easy and there are never too many people in one place. Check in is at 4pm, so pick a large suite such as the Fountain Hacienda where you can have 2000sq/ft to yourself and get lost in Mediterranean vibes. There are also smaller rooms like the Gold Hacienda which has less square footage but makes up for it with a separate jacuzzi tub in the bathroom where you can soak your troubles away.


After arriving at the hotel, getting yourself settled and relaxed, checking out what your room has to offer, take some time to enjoy a beverage on your private patio and unwind from your drive. Check out the hotel grounds and familiarize yourself with what the hotel has to offer. If you’re up for it, take a dip in your hot tub before dinner because, why not.

Talavera Palm Springs Courtyard

Dinner: Pomme Frite

Before you know it, your stomach will start to rumble, and it will be time to think about dinner. Pomme Frite is a must when looking for food in downtown Palm Springs. They are currently open for patio dining and takeout, but make sure to check before you go with changing hours and regulations due to COVID19. Downtown Palm Springs is a lovely area to check out and Pomme Frite is walking distance from the Talavera hotel so if you’re up for walking, leave earlier, grab your face masks and check out the downtown Palm Springs area. We will most likely be skipping walking the downtown area this time since relaxation is our goal for these 3 days, and the restaurant offers takeout and even curbside pickup if you do not feel like walking. You can also stay in your robes and order through a food delivery service, no one will judge you. Pomme Frite has an amazing menu, but some great suggestions are any of the steaks with pommes frites (fries). Simple, but delicious. There are also more daring sides to the restaurant in dishes such as escargot, frog legs, and chicken liver pate. Sounds intimidating, but worth seeing past the uncomfortableness to experience the flavor.

After your dinner has settled, it will be time for bed soon so head to the bathroom and take a warm bath if you’re in a room with a separate bathtub. A bath can be very relaxing and a different experience than the hot tub. Bath bombs, bubble bath, or oils added to the water can help take relaxation to another level. Soaking in just warm water shouldn’t be underestimated either. If you don’t have a separate bathtub, take a soak in your private hot tub, just make sure to shower before and after to avoid going to bed with dry skin. As adults we don’t have as much time for a bath and it often slips our minds entirely, so take it back to childhood and take a bath before bed for the perfect recipe for a nice, comfortable sleep.

Day 2


Sleep in. Don’t set an alarm, don’t worry about waking up at a certain time, and don’t feel guilty about spending a part of a day sleeping because the goal to this vacation is relaxation. If you just happen to be a morning person and are ready to start your day at 8AM no matter what, make sure to incorporate a couple naps whenever it feels right throughout the day. If you’re a coffee drinker, the hotel usually supplies its guests with some Joshua Tree Coffee Company coffee and a coffee maker, so make sure to take advantage of that when you wake up. Enjoy it on your private patio, then take a dip in your private jacuzzi.

Breakfast: FARM Palm Springs

Whether you wake up at 8AM or 12PM, FARM Palm Springs has breakfast and lunch available until 2PM so you will have plenty to choose from. You can make a reservation for patio dining or just swing by for quick take-out after your morning soak, with the restaurant being only 6 minutes walking distance from the hotel. Sweet and savory crepes, brioche French toast with bacon and cheese, sandwiches, salads, and even a whole baked brie cheese with delicious fixings, FARM will not stir you wrong with a fresh, delicious, and a little French inspired menu.


If you ate breakfast early, do not hesitate to jump back into the hot tub as you await lunchtime before it gets too hot outside.

Lunch: Sherman's Deli and Bakery

If you’re eating your first meal at 1PM because you wanted to make sleeping a priority, you’ll want to skip lunch and wait for dinner. If you do want some lunch, the hotel offers charcuterie boards and wine baskets which are worth checking out if you want to avoid leaving the property entirely. Plus, who doesn’t love a spread of meats, cheeses, fruits, and jams with wine on the side. If these are unavailable or if you’re looking for something different, don’t miss out on Sherman’s Deli and Bakery . Their menu is one delicious item to another with their famous sandwich board being a great choice for lunch featuring mouthwatering options from hot pastrami and corned beef to triple decker club sandwiches. What is amazing about Sherman’s is that they also have a bakery, so you do not have to look elsewhere for something sweet. Whether you want dessert after lunch or even if you want dessert to be your actual lunch, their list of delicious cakes and pastries is endless.

Cake Slices from Sherman's

After eating lunch and waiting the appropriate amount of time before swimming, check out one of the 2 pools on the property, go for a swim, and spend some time relaxing in the sun. Not many things will make you sleepier than swimming, so after your session, hit the shower and take a nap. If you’ve made dinner reservations make sure to set an alarm so you don’t miss that.

Dinner: LG’s Prime Steakhouse

Grab a steak at LG's Prime Steakhouse for dinner. Sides are made for sharing, but good luck being able to choose between smoked gouda potato au gratin, mac and cheese, and more. Or get them all if you want, there are no diets on this vacation. It is a 5-minute walk from the hotel so order for pickup or delivery.

After dinner, pack your bags and prepare your things to leave the next day so you don’t have to do it the next morning. The hotel usually supplies plastic champagne glasses so after squaring away your things, grab your plastic wine glasses or other plastic drinkware (no glass) and enjoy your drinks in your private jacuzzi under the night sky. The jacuzzi has various color options so set it to your color of choice, turn off other lights, sit back and relax. Daytime can be hot in Palm Springs depending on the time of year so take advantage of the cooler nighttime temperatures to hit the hot tub.

Relaxing Hot Tub at Night

Day 3


Since you’ve already packed and organized your things the night before, you’ll be able to take advantage of the time you have left this morning. If you can bring yourself to wake up earlier on this day, it may prove very rewarding. Wake up, and head to the pool as early as the hotel will allow. There are 2 pools on the Talavera property so check out one or both.

Relaxing Tranquility Pool

Hopefully at least one pool will be empty in the morning and taking a swim in the early morning is one of the most refreshing things you can do. Be mindful of your neighbors this early since the hotel is relatively small. Breakfast can wait today since you’ll be checking out by 11, aim for brunch instead after checking out or wait until you arrive back home. If you have any leftovers stashed in the mini fridge, that can make for a great morning picnic also.

Pack up the rest of your stuff and begin your journey back home. You are now ready to climb back in that truck and hit the road again fully refreshed.

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